Getting started with PartnerTap

3 tips for getting the most out of your PartnerTap account

Are you a long time PartnerTap user? Did you just sign up for your free sales rep account? (If not, here’s the link to do it now). Whether you’re already a partner-ecosystem pro, or you’re just starting to build relationships with partners in your territories, here are three simple steps you can take to #PartnerBetter and #SellMore.

Sign up for a free sales rep account

  • If you don’t already have a PartnerTap account, sign up for a free sales rep account here
  • Login with your existing Salesforce or Hubspot account
  • Or, upload your accounts using the “spread sheet upload” feature

Invite a few of your current partners that you already work with

  • PartnerTap will send them an invite to join for free
  • When they login, PartnerTap will automatically map all your joint accounts and identify companies that you share in your territories
  • Use PartnerTap to share insights about customers and prospects and identify new deals within your territory

Discover and invite a few sales reps already using PartnerTap you’d like to work with

  • PartnerTap automatically maps each of your accounts to identify any overlapping prospects or customers.
  • You can use PartnerTap to share account intelligence and start to build a relationship with each new partner
A few tips to help you #PartnerBetter

Start with partners you already trust

Invite the partners you already work with, or sales reps you respect and would like to work with

Be a reciprocal partner

Become the go-to partner that helps other sales reps and you will get more information in return. Start by sharing intel and proving your value to your strategic partners.

Expand your hub

Gradually expand your personal partner network so you get a rich perspective on each account and build productive relationships with other sales reps that sell in your account base.

If my company didn’t pay for PartnerTap, I would pay for it myself.

– Kelsey Sporrong, District Manager, ADP

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