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The corporate travel industry is more competitive than ever – so how do you stand out? Whether you sell travel management services, or travel-related technology, you need to reach the corporate travel buyers to hit your number.  The travel industry is notoriously relationship-based, with CEOs, CFOs and corporate travel managers buying from the people they already know and trust.  So how can you break in to this market and reach new buyers? Partnering is the single best way to get the access to buyers that are looking for a solution just like yours.

As a sales leader I know how important our partners are for our current and future revenue growth. PartnerTap helps us prioritize who to partner with on each account, collaborate with sales reps at each of our partners, and co-sell into target accounts.

– Chris Welch, VP Sales, Direct Travel

PartnerTap’s cloud partner sales collaboration solutions help you sell more travel services and software:

  • Stand out amongst a crowd of travel companies with personal introductions from your partners
  • Know which buyers are buying right now so you can get involved in the buying cycle at the right time
  • Build a combined offering with partners that helps you compete with larger travel management companies
  • Instantly identify which partners have sold into each company so you can leverage their knowledge
  • Compare intel about accounts and prospects with partners to better understand the personalities and buying process at each company
  • Impress new partners with how fast you can map accounts, share leads, and collaborate on real sales opportunities

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