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The medical field is well known for their very sensitive buying cycles, which means you need intel about the nuances for each medical practice and hospital purchasing process before you reach out to them. The people who know this best are the people who have sold to them before. These are the partners that can help you cut to the chase and sell faster. Whether you’re looking for introductions to doctors’ offices, nursing homes, assisted care facilities, hospital administrators, or people who handle procurement at large health systems – you need a way to catapult over the gatekeepers and reach decision makers quickly.

Partners are your best friend in this situation. Imagine all the different sales reps out there that already have a strong relationship with the person you want to reach. These future and current partners are your new best-sales friend and the secret to selling more medical devices, medicines or supplies in each region.

PartnerTap’s health care and life sciences sales partner tools help you sell more products, services and technology within the medical industry with smarter, cloud technology-enabled partner sales:

  • Catapult over gatekeepers and reach the decision makers at hospitals, doctors offices, nursing homes, assisted care facilities, dental offices, and large health systems with introductions from partners who have already sold to them
  • Get insight into the nuanced purchasing process at each medical practice or hospital
  • Understand the purchasing requirements of each procurement team before you have your first conversation with them
  • Build an ecosystem of trusted partners that sell to your medical prospects
  • Bring new partners up to speed quickly with instant account mapping and real-time collaboration on each account
  • Impress your strategic partners with your ability to share intel and help move their deals forward
  • Give your sales reps instant access to their partner counterparts on every account
  • Instantly identify which partners have sold into each prospect so you can leverage their account knowledge

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