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Whether you sell servers, monitoring or networking equipment, hardware sales is all about selling through OEM, re-seller and co-sell partners. But how can you tell which partner is most likely to win a deal for your products? You already have some basic lead allocation rules, likely based on geographic territories. But what if you could assign leads to a partner that is already engaged with that account, and has successfully sold to them before? How much more hardware could you sell with smarter partnering? To make a big impact on sales you need to bring on new partners quickly and maximize the win rates through your existing partners.

PartnerTap’s hardware partner network sales software helps you sell more hardware with smarter, SaaS technology-enabled partnering and turn your ecosystem into a competitive moat:

  • Disseminate new leads to the partner most likely to win the business – based on their current engagement with the account and past sales success
  • Bring new partners up to speed quickly with instant account mapping and real-time collaboration on each account
  • Leverage your technology partners’ networks to sell more hardware through their sales teams that are also in the PartnerTap enterprise sales network
  • Get the inside scoop on which prospects are looking for new hardware so you can get involved early in their decision-making process
  • Instantly identify which partners have sold into each company so you can leverage their account knowledge 
  • Enable your sales reps to compare intel about accounts and prospects with partners to better understand the personalities and decision-making process at each company
  • Impress new partners with how fast you can map accounts, share leads, and collaborate on real sales opportunities
  • Reclaim your evenings for you and your family instead of schmoozing at networking events trying to find people that can introduce you to executives at each prospect

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