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Extend your sales reach with partners

Customers think of their professional services providers as part of their team. Whether you provide accounting, tax & audit, legal, PR or recruiting services – your customers rely on you for your expertise, guidance and professionalism.

So how do you build enough trust with new prospects to win their business? By partnering with other professional service providers, they already trust. Partnering with other professional services firms and technology partners that support your customers can accelerate your growth. When they vouch for you, executives will take your calls. Trusted partners can introduce you to the buyers and share insights about what each buyer wants and the nuances of their decision-making process.

And what about when you’re already the trusted service provider? You can use your position to help your clients find other quality service providers they need.

PartnerTap’s online partner sales platform helps you reach and sell your services to new clients:

  • Stand out amongst a crowd of professional service options with personal introductions from your partners that already have relationships with the executives you want to help
  • Leverage the networks of your technology partners to sell more value-add services
  • Know which prospects are looking for new services so you can get involved at the right time
  • Instantly identify which partners have sold into each company so you can leverage their account knowledge
  • Compare intel about accounts and prospects with partners to better understand the personalities and decision-making process at each company
  • Impress new partners with how fast you can map accounts, share leads, and collaborate on real sales opportunities

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