Banking & Financial Services

Extend your reach as a trusted adviser and win more corporate clients

Capital makes the business world go ‘round. Whether you provide loans, credit cards, banking, investment or retirement 401k services, your corporate clients rely on you to meet their financial services needs. Whether you sell banking services to small businesses, or M&A services to the Fortune 500, CEOs and CFOs want to work with people they trust. So how can you build trust with new clients? Leveraging your technology and financial services partners is the fastest way to gain credibility with your prospects. Working together you can expand your reach, share insights about accounts, and accelerate your deals.

PartnerTap’s financial services partner revenue platform helps you sell your banking and financial products to more clients, faster:

  • Stand out amongst a crowd of financial services providers with personal introductions from your technology and service partners that already have relationships with the executives you want to help
  • Leverage your technology partners’ networks to sell more value-add services
  • Know which prospects are looking for new financial services so you can get involved early in their decision-making process
  • Instantly identify which partners have sold into each company so you can leverage their account knowledge
  • Compare intel about accounts and prospects with partners to better understand the personalities and decision-making process at each company
  • Impress new partners with how fast you can map accounts, share leads, and collaborate on real sales opportunities
  • Reclaim your evenings for you and your family instead of schmoozing at networking events trying to find people that can introduce you to new clients

PartnerTap Ecosystem Sales Platform

Secure partner platform helps channel and sales teams drive more revenue from each partnership

Account Mapping

Instantly map millions of accounts to identify your mutual overlap with each partner

Sharing Controls

Control what data you share on a partner-by-partner basis

Channel Pipeline

Empower channel teams with the data and reports they need to identify new sales opportunities


The real-time data and tools sellers need to sell more with ISV, reseller, and marketplace partners

Ecosystem Analytics

Track all the sales opportunities sourced and accelerated with partners

CRM Integration

PartnerTap is pre-integrated with all the popular CRM applications

Industry Overview

Every B2B products and services company works with partners. PartnerTap helps you grow revenue with your partners.

Financial Services

Extend your reach as a trusted adviser and win more clients


Grow insurance sales with partners


Sell more software with partner insights


Expand your distribution with smarter partnering

Private Equity

Build an acquisition revenue machine


Accelerate co-selling with agents, brokers and sales reps

HR Tech

Co-sell with the leading HR technology sales teams

Professional Services

Extend your sales reach with partners


Win more corporate travel business with partners

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