Partner Account Mapping Software

Automate partner account mapping

Stop swapping spreadsheets and ensure your channel and sales teams always have the most up-to-date partner information for each account.

Automate account mapping with each partner

Upload account spreadsheets

Just take the lists of accounts each partner sends you and use our Partner Spreadsheet Utility to upload them into PartnerTap – we’ll automagically map all the accounts for you.

CRM-to-CRM data exchange

Skip the spreadsheets all together by connecting your CRM system directly to PartnerTap and inviting your partners to do the same. It means your mapped accounts will always be up-to-date.

CRM-to-Spreadsheet data exchange

Want to work with partners who don’t want to connect their CRM? No problem, they just upload their spreadsheet and PartnerTap instantly identifies shared accounts and new opportunities.

Machine learning algorithms

PartnerTap’s machine learning algorithms give you the most accurate enterprise account matching in the industry.

With PartnerTap I’m finally able to ditch all the spreadsheets and focus on helping our partners and sales teams work together to drive revenue.

– Nick Lambert, ADP District Sales Manager, Global Enterprise Solutions

Start working with partners immediately

Get started quickly

Instantly see which partner reps map to each of your accounts.

Upload partner lists from Excel

Run your Excel lists of accounts, sales reps and opportunities through PartnerTap to quickly see which partners can help.

Find the right sales rep when you need them

Always have real-time access to the account executive on each account, at each partner. Ping them directly via chat inside PartnerTap for the quickest response.

Manage partner field engagement at scale

See where you can deliver substantial impact across your partner ecosystem and turn your ecosystem into a competitive moat around your customers.

I used to waste hours each week trying to figure out who to work with at each partner company. Now with ParnerTap, I get straight to the right person every time.

– Nick Lambert, ADP District Sales Manager, Global Enterprise Solutions

Keep automated account mapping running all the time

Automate with direct CRM connections

As each partner connects with you on PartnerTap you get real-time account matching, instant access to collaboration on each account, and one less spreadsheet you’ll ever have to look at in the future.

Sail through territory re-alignments

PartnerTap keeps your matched accounts and partners up to date so you always have the right information – even during territory re-alignments.

Improve your data

Get a full list of accounts that can’t be matched with partners and pinpoint the data that needs to be cleaned up.

Empower Channel Managers to Scale

Get started quickly

PartnerTap is most powerful when you connect directly to your CRM, but you can also just upload a list of accounts, opportunities and owners in Excel.

Pre-integrated with CRM

PartnerTap works automatically with the leading enterprise CRM systems including Dynamics, Salesforce, Hubspot, SAP, Oracle,, Sharpspring, Sugar and Zoho.

Ecosystem-scalable solution

Start using PartnerTap with a single partner then scale it across your entire partner ecosystem to expand your center of influence in key target accounts.

Enterprise data protection

Protect your confidential customer data with our cross-partner security & visibility engine.

PartnerTap is the easiest way to automate partner account mapping and the best way to ensure partner account information is always up-to-date for your sales and channel teams. The automated Partner Account Mapping software solution is part of the PartnerTap Ecosystem Sales Platform.

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