Ecosystem partner revenue analytics

Identify new pipeline opportunities and track the impact each partner has on your revenue over time.

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Drive more revenue with the right insights

Crawling through each list of accounts to find mutual account overlap or new market opportunities is time consuming, tedious, and just can’t work at scale. PartnerTap’s reports and dashboards are designed to help you uncover the actionable opportunities hidden within each of your partners’ accounts. #EcosystemSuccess

How to drive more revenue with partner ecosystem analytics

Our partner ecosystem analytics software give channel and sales teams the data you need to identify the biggest revenue opportunities and drive more revenue with each partner.

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1. See market overlap with each partner

Our Channel Insights dashboard gives you a high-level market map with each partner. Upload a partner’s spreadsheet, or invite them to connect their CRM system directly, and you’ll see the % overlap by industry, % overlap by segment, # of their existing customers that you could go sell to.

2. Drill down into your ecosystem data

Use the Ecosystem Partner Overlap report to see every partner involved with your target accounts. Export any report into Excel to start slicing and dicing your partner account data to find specific segments you can target with each partner.

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3. Identify areas to grow revenue

Our reports show you exactly where partners can help you sell into new accounts, where you can help your partners expand into your clients, and where you can work together to displace competitors.

4. Share ecosystem influence dashboards

As each of your partners connects their CRM system with PartnerTap you will get an ever-growing view of real-time mapped accounts with each partner.

When you start using PartnerTap to dive into your mutual account overlap with each partner it’s easy to identify new ways to grow revenue. One customer grew 3x pipeline in their first quarter uploading partner spreadsheets into PartnerTap. Here are just a few reasons channel, sales, and sales operations teams never want to let go of our powerful partner ecosystems analytics software:

  • Identify top partners driving new pipeline across each segment and region. Quickly see which partners are making the biggest impact overall, and within specific regions or product lines.
  • Ensure sales reps are properly credited for the work they do on each deal
  • Partner field engagement insights across your ecosystem
  • Shine a light on partner contributions to revenue
  • Shorten sales cycles with engaged partners and partner intelligence on your active accounts
  • Show your partners’ influence on pipeline and revenue
  • Track sales activities with partners and see which reps need help learning to work better with partners

“Imagine how many trade shows our GSMs [sales reps] would need to attend in order to build such a large and successful network in that time!”

George Gadebusch

VP of Technology and Product Sales

PartnerTap Makes Companies More Money – Every Day


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We set out to understand the entire ecosystem around our target accounts. PartnerTap is now the single source of truth for the entire partner ecosystem around our target accounts.

– Phil Manez, Director Channel Sales, VAST Data

PartnerTap Ecosystem Sales Platform

Secure partner platform helps channel and sales teams drive more revenue from each partnership

Account Mapping

Instantly map millions of accounts to identify your mutual overlap with each partner

Sharing Controls

Control what data you share on a partner-by-partner basis

Channel Pipeline

Empower channel teams with the data and reports they need to identify new sales opportunities


The real-time data and tools sellers need to sell more with ISV, reseller, and marketplace partners

Ecosystem Analytics

Track all the sales opportunities sourced and accelerated with partners

CRM Integration

PartnerTap is pre-integrated with all the popular CRM applications

Industry Overview

Every B2B products and services company works with partners. PartnerTap helps you grow revenue with your partners.

Financial Services

Extend your reach as a trusted adviser and win more clients


Grow insurance sales with partners


Sell more software with partner insights


Expand your distribution with smarter partnering

Private Equity

Build an acquisition revenue machine


Accelerate co-selling with agents, brokers and sales reps

HR Tech

Co-sell with the leading HR technology sales teams

Professional Services

Extend your sales reach with partners


Win more corporate travel business with partners

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