Take the PartnerTap Challenge

Close a new deal in your 1st year or get the 2nd year FREE

Use PartnerTap with your favorite partners and we guarantee you will close a new deal sourced through PartnerTap in your first year. How confident are we? If you don’t close a new deal in your first year you will get the second year of PartnerTap software FREE.

How the Partner Sales Challenge Works

If your sales reps have good relationships with partners, then PartnerTap will help them source and accelerate new sales opportunities from your partners. Here’s how it works:

  1. Get your sales team and at least one partner on PartnerTap.
  2. Ensure your sales reps are logging in a few times each week to share insights with their partners
  3. Identify the new opportunities that you get from partners
  4. Leverage insights from your partners to close these deals
  5. If you don’t close a new deal one year from using PartnerTap with your partners you’ll get the second year of PartnerTap software FREE

Terms & conditions

  1. First year clock starts when your sales reps and partners are connected and trained on PartnerTap.
  2. Monitor sales reps’ login and usage of PartnerTap to ensure they are logging in to share insights with partners on a twice weekly basis.
  1. Participate in a quarterly account review with your PartnerTap Customer Success Manager.
  2. If you opt not to use PartnerTap’s new lead tracking functionality, which will be available with the Ecosystem Edition, then you’ll need to provide a list of your leads from the past 12 months. We will run this list through our system to identify any leads that had pre-lead partner activity.

Partner Ecosystem Platform

Secure partner platform helps channel and sales teams drive more revenue from each partnership

Account Mapping

For everyone that wants to see mutual account overlap with partners

Sharing Controls

Control what data you share on a partner-by-partner basis

Channel Insights

For channel teams to get segment-by-segment insights into partner accounts and opportunities


For sales reps and teams who want to get and share insights with partners on mutual accounts

Ecosystem Analytics

See all the growth opportunities within your partner ecosystem

CRM Integration

PartnerTap is pre-integrated with all the popular CRM applications

Industry Overview

Every B2B products and services company works with partners. PartnerTap helps you grow revenue with your partners.

Financial Services

Extend your reach as a trusted adviser and win more corporate clients


Expand your distribution with smarter partnering

HR Tech

Co-sell with the leading HR technology sales teams


Sell more medical products and services with partners


Grow insurance sales with partners

Professional Services

Extend your sales reach with partners


Sell more software with partner insights


Accelerate co-selling with agents, brokers and sales reps


Win more corporate travel business with partners

Company Overview







Industry Overview




Professional Services

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Banking and Financial Services



HR Tech