Grow pipeline and revenue with your partners



  • Connect with recommended partners on the app and Instantly see the accounts you both share

  • Select the ones you want to work on


  • Share intel on the target accounts  (you can message in the app)

  • Refer each other to key contacts

  • Develop strategies and tactics



  • Create an insightful pitch
  • Show value of both solutions
  • Win new business

Built for enterprise and scale

The PartnerTap platform gives your team the security, structure and flexibility you need to grow.


PartnerTap provides customizable profiles and roles—allowing leaders to determine what level of information can be shared.


The best way to drive adoption is to make our tool easy to deploy and use. Teams connect with partners quickly and easily with PartnerTap.

PartnerTap also connects and syncs to all major CRMs, including Salesforce.


Data Security

We are committed to protecting our customer’s data. PartnerTap is a secure and extensible platform with top security and privacy features.

Ready to close more deals—faster?

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