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Boost pipeline and revenue with the top partner collaboration platform

Strategic partnering is valuable, but extremely difficult to execute. Territories shift, salespeople leave and businesses change. Identifying shared accounts is time-consuming and manual—with disparate spreadsheets, countless calls and emails. Fortunately, there’s…

A better way to co-sell

PartnerTap has reinvented partner sales execution and collaboration to drive growth.

Boost pipeline

With instant account matching, partners can share intel on target accounts—making it easy to identify the best ones. They can introduce you to key contacts and reinforce the value of your solutions—leading to more opportunities.

Increase revenue

PartnerTap facilitates collaboration to generate effective sales strategies and insightful presentations. Partner leads are more likely to close by 30%. Partner-led deals have a higher average deal size, faster sales cycle, and higher customer lifetime value.

Spend more time selling

Increased pipeline and more closed deals means less time building lists, cold calling and other prospecting activities. So you can spend more time focused on sales activities on the opportunities more likely to close and build deep relationships with your partners.

Every fiscal year our territory changes. We get new accounts and lose accounts. Updating all of my partners on all of those changes is time consuming. With PartnerTap my partners are up to date on our common accounts at any given time.

—Tom R, Account Executive, B2B SaaS company

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