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PartnerTap is the leading ecosystem platform for enterprises that want to scale up revenue through and with their partners. We founded PartnerTap in 2016 to help every B2B sales rep crush their quota with help from partners engaged at their same accounts. But knowing exactly who at each partner to work with is hard, and constantly changing. This led to our first product for sales teams, which quickly became the 3rd most popular sales tool at Concur and ADP, ranked just after Salesforce.com and LinkedIn Navigator.

We didn’t stop there. Once we proved that sales teams could drive 10x more pipeline and revenue by sharing data and collaborating with their partners, we expanded our vision to help partner and channel teams as well. In 2019 we launched our product for channel teams and the rest is history. Companies now use our ecosystem software as their data-driven discovery platform for partner revenue.

Our customers see amazing ROI in the first 90 days and consider PartnerTap their superpower for revenue growth and personal career success.

Our mission is to help companies drive more revenue with partners. Our vision is to unlock an additional $1 trillion in additional pipeline across our customers and their partner ecosystems.

We’d love to talk with you about your ecosystem strategy and how to make your teams, and all your partners, more money.

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PartnerTap Accelerates Ecosystem Growth

10x More partner sales opportunities

$1MPipeline sourced during 30-day pilot

$110M Deal sourced and closed with PartnerTap

100% Real-time account mapping

We saw 500% growth in channel pipeline in the first quarter using PartnerTap.”
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Randy Fahrbach,

Director of North American Channel