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Secure Platform

Trusted, secure and scalable

Trust is the cornerstone of every good partnership, and strong security is the backbone for sharing sensitive data with partners.

Enterprise Controls

PartnerTap is the only data-sharing and co-selling platform built to handle the complexity and scale of enterprise ecosystems.

Trust & Security

PartnerTap sails through the toughest IT security reviews. We are GDPR and CCPA compliant, and have SOC2 Type III, ISO 27701 and ISO 27001 certifications.


PartnerTap scales instantly across millions of records, thousands of partners, and has 100% native integrations with all the popular CRM systems.

Trusted by the enterprise

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Security, legal and data

Enterprise tested, enterprise proven

PartnerTap sails through the toughest data, privacy, legal, IT and CISO security reviews because of our secure cloud architecture, robust access controls, data visibility rules, and data protection with SOC2 Type II, GDPR and CSPA compliance.

No Customer PII

No personally identifiable information about your customers or prospects is stored in PartnerTap, ever.

Access Controls

Enterprise grade roles and hierarchies that align with your  CRM access controls.

Full Visibility

Suite of admin tools to audit and control how users share data with partners.

Sharing Controls

Powerful data sharing rules you can adjust in real-time.

Data Encryption

All data handled by PartnerTap is encrypted in transit and at rest, using proven standard algorithms.

Data Privacy

PartnerTap maintains rigorous procedures to protect and secure private information.

SSO & Authentication

PartnerTap utilizes the password and MFA policies you’re already enforcing by using your CRM’s SSO.


PartnerTap is GDPR and CCPA compliant, and has SOC2 Type III, ISO 27701 and ISO 27001 certifications.

Secure Software Development

PartnerTap utilizes a modern SDLC with segregated environments and automated security scans.

Vulnerability Management

Real-time intrusion detection, automated network and vulnerability scans, and annual 3rd party testing ensure a safe environment for your data.

Full Visibility

Into what each user is sharing with each partner.

Opt-in Controls

Option for employees to opt-in before their information is shared with partners.

Data Sharing Best Pratices

Enterprise best practices

Learn from these PartnerTap customers about how to securely share data with partners to accelerate your business.



Don’t store or share leads or contacts PII in your ecosystem platform. Use opt-in controls for employee PII.


Secure Data

Stop sharing data via spreadsheets. Use a secure platform to control what sellers and channel teams can share



Share different data with different types of partners

Co-sell partners

Share only account and opportunity data where field teams need to collaborate with partners on deals.

Platform controls

Allow different types of users to share different types and levels of data.

Different strategies

Share pipeline and accounts with top alliance partners, and share only mutual customers with marketplace partners.

Enterprise security and popular acclaim


PartnerTap Accelerates Revenue

2900% More new logo deals sourced in first year

4xMore revenue sold through reseller in first year

$110M ACV of single deal sourced and closed with PartnerTap

100% Real-time account mapping

PartnerTap helps our sales reps and partners align around each customer. It's next level co-selling!"
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