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Partner pipeline tracking and visibility

PartnerTap gives channel and sales teams an easy and secure way to track real-time partner pipeline as deals progress through the sales cycle. Never have to send spreadsheets back and forth again!

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Opportunity sharing controls

Get full control over which opportunities you want to share with each partner. For example, share all open opportunities that include a partner product and are 50% or higher probability of closing.

Opportunity sharing controls
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Works with any CRM

Your partners can share pipeline with you regardless of which CRM system they use. They can connect directly with their CRM system or upload their data into PartnerTap via spreadsheet.

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See partner opps shared with you

Cut out all those back and forth spreadsheets and get real-time visibility into the details of all partner opportunities shared with you.

Pipeline sharing reports
Track shared pipeline

Ecosystem-wide pipeline visibility

Get an ecosystem-wide view of all the partner sales opportunities across your customers and prospects with combined opportunity reports.

Push partner data back into CRM

Push all your mapped partner accounts and shared opportunities back into your CRM so sales can see the partner sales activities happen in their accounts – where they already work.

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Works instantly with your CRM

Connect, share and see data from partners regardless of which CRM they use with 100% native integrations.

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Salesforce Managed Package

Push PartnerTap data back into your CRM so sales reps and GTM teams have the partner data they need where they already work.

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PartnerTap Accelerates Ecosystem Growth

10x More new logo deals sourced with partners

$1MPipeline sourced during 30-day pilot

$110M Deal sourced and closed with PartnerTap

100% Real-time account mapping

PartnerTap’s ecosystem reports instantly identify net new logos each partner can help us sell to."
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Natalie Visconti-Clendenin,

Strategic Partner Manager, Last Pass

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