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Driving customer adoption, usage, and consumption of your products and services is critical for long-term customer success and renewals. But it’s a lot for one team to be responsible on their own. Customer success needs to be a team sport. Customer success requires a holistic strategy that includes internal product, sales, and post-sales account management teams. And it should also include the network of partners that also serve your customers.

But most customer success teams today lack the data and tools to effectively collaborate with partners on their shared customers. Customer support managers may not even know which other partners are involved in their accounts. And they definitely don’t know exactly who to engage at each partner to brainstorm and leverage to help a customer get more value out of your solutions.  Partners are also left in the dark when they hear about a customer retention problem and don’t know which customer success person to notify. So they might mention it to a new sales person who doesn’t have time to focus on retention and aren’t typically incentive to do so.

PartnerTap makes it easy for account managers and customer success teams to work with the partners already engaged with each of your customers. Using data from PartnerTap these teams will be able to prioritize partner relationships, and work with the right product specialists, sales reps, and customer success reps assigned to their same accounts at each partner. Most importantly, all partner data from PartnerTap is pushed back into your existing CRM so your customer success teams can get the detailed partner data they need where they already work.

"We grew revenue 4x with CDW in the first twelve months using PartnerTap. PartnerTap instantly identifies the best new logo accounts for each reseller to focus on."


Principal Strategic Partner Manager, National Partners at LastPass

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Take an ecosystem-approach to customer success

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Enterprise Co-Selling Platform

PartnerTap is the only partner ecosystem platform designed for the enterprise. We make it easy to automate account mapping, identify net new sales opportunities, share pipeline with partners, and push all partner data back into your CRM for sales, marketing, and customer success teams.

Partner, sales, and customer success teams use PartnerTap’s partner ecosystem software to align with the MSPs engaged at existing customers and collaborate around customers to increase usage, drive more consumption, and improve renewals for their services.
  • Invite unlimited partners to connect and share real-time data with you, or start by uploading all the partner customer spreadsheets you already have
  • Control what data you share with each partner
  • Instantly map millions of accounts to see your mutual customer and prospect overlap
  • Improve customer retention with a network of aligned partners surrounding each customer
  • Identify new cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to go after with each partner at each account
  • Empower sales teams to leverage partners and accelerate deals with the best partner on each account
  • Push partner data back into your CRM so sales, marketing, and customer success can see the partners engaged on each account, lead, and opportunity
  • Share pipeline to let your partners track real-time changes to your co-sell or reseller deals
  • Build-up an ecosystem-wide view of your customers, prospects, pipeline, and partner impact on your business
  • Use multi-partner Ecosystem Reports to pinpoint specific accounts for specific partner-to-partner expansion strategies
  • Get credit for the revenue partners unlock for your company – and the revenue your company drives across your ecosystem
  • Build an ecosystem data lake with all your partner data
  • Sail through the toughest security reviews with a SOC2 Type II certified solution that has already passed the toughest industry reviews at customers like ADP, SAP and HPE

PartnerTap Accelerates Revenue

2900% More new logo deals sourced in first year

4xMore revenue sold through reseller in first year

$110M ACV of single deal sourced and closed with PartnerTap

100% Real-time account mapping

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