PartnerTap Pricing & Plans

Unlimited Mapped Accounts and Partners, Forever

Channel Manager Edition

Channel Insights

Automate account mapping and identify the specific segments with the greatest revenue potential with each partner.

Channel Essentials

Everything channel teams need to drive more revenue from your existing partners



Unlimited mapped accounts and partners

Automatic account mapping

  • Sync with CRM or upload spreadsheets
  • Control what data you share

Channel Insights

  • See market opportunity for each partner by industry, region and segment

Everything in Channel Insights PLUS

  • View and download your list of matched accounts with each partner
  • See which partners are currently engaged in your target accounts or have sold to them in the past
  • See specific partner sales reps assigned to each of your customer and prospect accounts
  • Impress new partners with an instant list of accounts and opportunities your teams can work on together
  • Sync custom CRM fields and objects ($)
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Sales Team Editions

Sales Rep Edition

Instantly identify shared accounts and collaborate with sales reps at other companies to get insight into your target accounts.

Sales Team Edition

Everything sales teams need to uncover new opportunities and accelerate deals with trusted partners in your ecosystem.



Unlimited mapped accounts and partners

Automatic account mapping

  • Sync with CRM or upload spreadsheets
  • See the other sales reps selling into your accounts

Partner sales collaboration

  • Chat live with sales reps across partners

Everything in Sales Rep Edition, PLUS:

  • Protect sensitive accounts and control data sharing on a partner-by-partner basis
  • Share opportunities with trusted partners
  • Store partner chats in CRM activities
  • Partner revenue reporting and analytics
  • “Inside Salesforce” shows partner sales reps on Salesforce accounts ($)
  • API ($)

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Partner Ecosystem Platform

Secure partner platform helps channel and sales teams drive more revenue from each partnership

Account Mapping

For everyone that wants to see mutual account overlap with partners

Sharing Controls

Control what data you share on a partner-by-partner basis

Channel Insights

For channel teams to get segment-by-segment insights into partner accounts and opportunities


For sales reps and teams who want to get and share insights with partners on mutual accounts

Ecosystem Analytics

See all the growth opportunities within your partner ecosystem

CRM Integration

PartnerTap is pre-integrated with all the popular CRM applications

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