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Partner-First Strategy
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As the leading password manager for individuals, families, and businesses of all sizes, LastPass makes it easy for their customers to manage and secure their digital lives. As LastPass moves closer to becoming a standalone company, the channel teams are focused on scaling up partnerships with top national resellers while simultaneously helping their direct sellers engage with partners to accelerate growth.

Natalie Visconti-Clendenin, Senior Strategic Partner Manager for national partners, is building a unified and scalable partner program for their top national resellers: CDW, Insight, Connections, and SoftChoice. Natalie learned about PartnerTap from her counterpart at SHI, quickly got up to speed on the product, and was mapping data with her first national partner in just minutes.

Headshot of Natalie Visconti-Clendenin.
PartnerTap’s ecosystem reports instantly identify net new logos each partner can help us sell to.”

Natalie Visconti-Clendenin,

Senior Strategic Partner Manager, National Partners

“PartnerTap makes it easy to discover new partner revenue opportunities. It’s as simple as it gets. Partner teams just need to stop making things so complicated – all they need is PartnerTap.”

 – Natalie Visconti-Clendenin, Senior Strategic Partner Manager, National Partners

Thinking big. Using PartnerTap’s Ecosystem Sales Platform Natalie has been able to quickly identify 2900% new logo opportunities with the first national partner. Using this data Natalie got buy-in and budget to hire new BDRs focused exclusively on these accounts with this first partner.

“We’re using PartnerTap to operationalize our partner-first motion. PartnerTap’s ecosystem reports instantly identify net new logos each partner can help us sell to. Seeing PartnerTap data pushed back into our Salesforce CRM will let every new BDR and sales rep collaborate with their national partner peers on each account.”

 – Natalie Visconti-Clendenin, Senior Strategic Partner Manager, National Partners

Success metrics and best practices with national resellers at LastPass:

  • Instantly mapped data shared by a national partner against all their data in Salesforce CRM – in seconds
  • Identified 15,000 net new logo opportunities from the first national partner in the first few weeks.
  • Used the data from PartnerTap to justify and get approval for a new BDR team focused exclusively on national partner accounts.
  • Share hot prospect lists with new BDRs and connect them with the account owner at each national partner
  • Tripled our numbers with first national partner from the start of last year.
  • Expanding process across all top national partners
We’re using PartnerTap to operationalize our partner-first motion.”
Headshot of Natalie Visconti-Clendenin.

Last Pass logo.

Natalie Visconti-Clendenin,

Strategic Partner Manager, Last Pass

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