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Grow medical sales with partners

Protecting a business with the right insurance is critical – and personal. While HR may run the process, the CEO makes the final decision. That’s why selling insurance to companies requires so much trust. You have to build strong relationships with executives, stay in-the-know when a company’s insurance needs are about to change, and comply with all insurance-sales regulation.

So how can your insurance brokers get more introductions to new executives? Through your extended network of partners of course! Consulting firms, CPAs, lawyers, PR firms, and technology companies all partner with benefits brokers and can introduce you to the CEOs at their accounts – once you gain their trust.

Selling with partners is the best way to grow your insurance business in each territory.

PartnerTap’s cloud partnership software solution for insurance brokers and agents helps you reach new prospects for your insurance products:

  • Stand out amongst a crowd of corporate insurance brokers with personal introductions from your professional services and technology partners
  • Know which buyers are starting a buying cycle so you can get involved at the right time
  • Instantly identify which partners have sold into each company so you can leverage their account knowledge
  • Compare intel about accounts and prospects with partners to better understand the personalities and buying process at each company
  • Impress new partners with how fast you can map accounts, share leads, and collaborate on real sales opportunities
  • Reclaim your evenings for you and your family instead of schmoozing at networking events trying to find people that can introduce you to new companies

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