Complex Account Mapping Returns the most Reliable Account Matches for Your Enterprise Sales Team

October 21, 2021

Complex Account mapping is critical to finding opportunities and understanding which accounts to target with each of your partners. Enterprise companies, with extensive ecosystems and thousands of partners, find it difficult to pinpoint the correct partner for each deal. Recent research done by McKinsey found that “for most legacy companies, data analytics success has been limited to a few tests or to narrow slices of the business.” Companies need complex account mapping across an entire ecosystem of partners. It can’t be done manually with spreadsheets. This calls for Ecosystem Sales Software with Complex Automated Account Mapping.

At the beginning of every quarter, account teams share spreadsheets with their partners and pinpoint what new accounts they should be selling and cross-selling into. However, the manual part of the process is now obsolete. With PartnerTap, they can identify leads from their partners within their ecosystems–with the click of a button. 

Complex Account Mapping for Accurate and Actionable Account Matches 

Account mapping with PartnerTap is a multi-step process that results in high-quality, accurate data matching. The main issue that arises with complex account mapping is that CRM data is often messy. You have multiple reps entering data by hand, and they make mistakes. You have the same problem with your partners’ CRM data. When you go to match accounts with your partner’s data, you miss mutual accounts (and revenue) because your CRM  has an account listed as ‘ABC Systems Inc.’ for example,  and your partner has it as ‘ABC Systems LLC.’ This can happen thousands of times equaling thousands of accounts missed and millions of dollars lost.

At PartnerTap, we take this into consideration and normalize your data. First, our platform filters out unnecessary data that could reduce the quality of account matches. More specifically, PartnerTap removes nonessential information from company names like Inc. or LLC as part of the normalization process. For example, ABC Systems Inc. would be changed to ABC Systems. Removing this type of information improves match consistency across multiple company data sets. PartnerTap also filters out weak or faulty data like 1-800 numbers and bad website names. All of this is done automatically within a matter of seconds, so the process of mapping accounts is always done quickly.

After normalization, the data is then mapped. To perform a match, our software looks through multiple CRM data fields such as:

  • Account Name
  • DUNS
  • VAT
  • Website
  • Sic Codes
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Custom Fields 

Also, the data within these fields are weighted by reliability, so you receive the most accurate matches possible. Finally, our smart match technology is extremely flexible allowing you to map on any custom fields you need.

Reliable Account Matching, Overlap, and Filtering 

PartnerTap addresses both enterprise sales teams and channel teams, so our matching technology needs to provide the most accurate matches possible. That’s why PartnerTap has strict matching rules, so sales teams know they are being given the most reliable data possible. You can also filter your mapped data to locate which partners to work with on specific deals.

With PartnerTap’s all-in-one Ecosystem Sales Platform, you get an overlapping view of your entire ecosystem. You immediately know which partner should be contacted for co-selling or can introduce you to the correct decision-maker at one of your prospects. Add our advanced filtering into the process it’s easy to see which partner’s customer accounts overlap with your organization’s open pipeline. This can be done by industry, segment, size, etc. This insight into your overlapping ecosystem data increases pipeline and drives more sourced and influenced revenue from each one of your partners. 

What is Fuzzy Matching?

Another great function of PartnerTap is that it also takes fuzzy matching into consideration. Meaning, that it is possible to map based on similar but not exact account information. So, if the account name is misspelled in any party’s data, the software will show a partial match. It will also match data with just a single field such as the customer’s address or any other custom variable. 

 PartnerTap will not only find more matches, but it’ll also find the most accurate matches.  

Our Expert Auditing Team – Necessary Human Oversight 

Human oversight is standard in our industry. That’s why we have an auditing team that validates all of your mapped data. Our team checks if any matches were missed or if there were any false positives. Every match in our system has a high percentage of accuracy. However, we still add an extra layer of review with our audit team. You can request to have a dataset audited at any time. Our enterprise customers understand the value of having this extra set of eyes. Enterprise teams have been account mapping for years, and they know that account matches are missed. This always translates to lost revenue. That’s why we have both the software to automate the process, and the auditing team to review anything you choose. 

Together, with our superior account mapping software and our expert auditing team, you receive the most accurate, actionable data possible. 

Complex Account Mapping translates to More Sales with Your Partners

Great channel salespeople work well with their partners. They spend their time figuring out where their partners can help source and influence accounts in their territories. However, even the best channel people hate spending time combing through the data to uncover the accounts that have the potential to be sourced and influenced partner deals. The manual approach takes too long and misses too much potential revenue. Account mapping with a platform like PartnerTap does the work for you, saving you time and money. The accounts with the highest chance of leading to sourced or influenced deals are presented to you rather than needing to be dug up. When they have this information, sales reps can co-sell together, increase pipeline, and drive more revenue for each of their companies.

These days it’s critical for sales reps to always know where their partners can help source and influence deals without going through a siloed account mapping exercise. That’s why complex automated account mapping is such a game-changer for enterprise sales teams.

Final Thoughts

Enterprise companies are moving towards an ecosystem model with thousands of partners they work with. Complex account mapping is essential for their channel teams if they expect to exponentially increase revenue. However, many enterprise channel teams are account mapping manually when they have the ability to automate the process. PartnerTap’s Ecosystem Sales Platform is the best automated account mapping software on the market. Our matching algorithms, data normalization, fuzzy matching, and expert auditing team were made with enterprise channel and sales teams in mind. It’s no wonder that we are the most adopted and trusted account mapping platform in the world. Our technology helps enterprise channel teams find the best accounts to co-sell with their partners and continues to drive revenue for companies quarter over quarter. 

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