When you think of a rockstar, do you imagine wild hair, big attitude and a loud voice? The rockstar sales performer isn’t that much different (except, maybe wild hair). However, technology has changed sales approach. For example, if a sales performer hammers the phone, sits back and waits for leads—they will probably have a few hit. Eventually though, just like the rock star, the top spots will elude them. To maintain a really strong consistent performance you have to have many facets to your repertoire.

Sales people who aren’t worried about job security are most likely working with partners.. Sales enablement technologies can help build powerful partner ecosystems and drive greater productivity. The question then becomes—What to do with all their free time now? News flash—it’s not getting a manicure, massage or golfing. Those days are over, unless you are going with your best partners and building stronger relationships.

One of the best things to create a better partner ecosystem is to establish a Top 10 partner network. Select companies that add value to your solution and complement what you do. Prospect them like you would a potential customer. Understand what drives them and get to know their business. Find out how you can help them get more business. Learn how they are compensated and what their goals are for the year. If you are able to be a great partner, you will develop a rewarding relationship—and more importantly build a greater pipeline.

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