With 8 selling days left in the year, the salesperson in you is different.  During year-end you are not just a salesperson, you turn into a warrior.   To a true warrior, it doesn’t matter if you are over your number, at your number or under your number.   Reason being, sales warriors are at war for every last penny.  When you are in the midst of battle, it’s easy to forget some of the basics.  Here are 4 tips every sales warrior must have in their field manual arsenal:

  1. SMS has an open rate of 100% – Use this to your advantage.  If you have a sale on the table make sure you have every Decision Maker’s cell phone number.  If you don’t, get it on your next call and don’t be afraid to use it!  Deals get done over text in the final hours.  Never let a prospect’s holiday dinner get in the way of your cash.
  2. Vacation schedules can throw a wrench in a great deal – Know your buyer’s plans.  Are they going on vacation?  When do they leave and at what time?   It’s the same old story, people go on last-minute vacations during the holidays.  The last thing you want to have happen, is you reach out to wrap up your sales process only to find your buyer is gone on holiday.
  3. Set the next meeting – Until the deal is closed never leave a meeting without a next meeting!  The worst salespeople that master this skill have a chance of completing the year North of their quota.  The next appointment will guarantee your sale still has legs.  Forecasting becomes easier if you have a set meeting to continue moving the sales process forward.
  4. Do Whatever it Takes –  Ever heard the saying, “feel the fear and do it anyway?”  One year I had to call someone at their home to get signed contracts.  Yep, at their home residence.   They were heading out for vacation and they left the office without signing my contract.  I found their home number and dialed those digits like my life was on the line.  Was I scared?  Of course.  I was sweating bullets.   Especially when they actually answered the phone. It took everything in my power not to hang up.  I pushed through the fear and somehow danced my way to closing the sale.  Coincidentally that sale ended up being the sale that helped me beat my goal for the year.   Pushing the fear aside and exhausting all your resources results in more successes.

In the final weeks, the pressure can get to you.   Stay strong, stay hungry, and stick through the fight sales warriors!

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