Collaborative Selling with Partners can accelerate your success by opening doors to new customers, validating your capabilities, sharing the workload throughout the sales cycle, and by giving you another set of eyes and ears within your accounts. In short, partners can accelerate time to revenue, improve your win ratio, and add more deals to the funnel.

Here are 4 ways Partners can help you crush it in 2018.

  • Improved Chances of Winning the Business: A partnered collaborative sales approach will increase the level of expertise available to solve your customer’s challenges. This may include subject matter expertise in a specific vertical or service delivery capabilities.
  • Improved End Customer Satisfaction: By supplying more expertise into the solution definition stage, you are more likely to produce a solution that will address your customers unique situation and challenges leading to greater satisfaction and repeat business.
  • Increased Referral Leads: A collaborative sales approach with partners enables you to find more opportunities by leveraging a network of legitimate relationships. Since referral leads are more likely to close than any other lead, this leads to prospecting that makes impact. PartnerTap supports prospecting because partnering sales reps can see exactly which accounts that they have in common and immediately take action exchanging introductions and sharing value.
  • Increased Influence within the Account: With 4-10 decision makers potentially engaged in a buying decision, there’s a higher likelihood that a partner could have a relationship with one of those decision makers and can influence in your behalf.

Read our next post to learn about how you can develop your Collaborative Selling skills and maximize the potential value of your partnerships as to deliver value for your customers.

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