Greenfield Reporting: What’s New, and Why It’s Important

January 25, 2022

In most partnerships today, spreadsheets are often shared manually, with one partner emailing another a spreadsheet of all of their customers. Usually, the entire list of customer accounts is shared, regardless of whether or not it maps to an existing customer or prospect.

Our Partner Ecosystem Platform automates account mapping, which saves you time and money. Until recently, our platform would only share account data that mapped with your partners’ but for Q1 2022, we’ve overhauled, redesigned, and improved our share settings so you can now share accounts that do not yet exist within your partner’s CRM. 

You will now be able to share all customer accounts whether they map with their partners’ or not. No matter how big your CRM database is, there are always companies out there that you don’t know about. With PartnerTap, your technology partners can share their “Greenfield Accounts” with you. Greenfield accounts are active companies that exist in their CRM database that are not yet in your CRM system. 

Identifying new accounts gives your sales teams more companies to go after, and can be a huge revenue driver for your company.

This isn’t new for the channel and sales world, however, PartnerTap is the first and only platform that gives customers this functionality.

What’s New Under the Hood?

We’ve expanded how much data partners can choose to share with each other. We expect most customers to start off by sharing mutually matched accounts. But over time, especially with large enterprises, we expect companies to open up the aperture and share all customer and prospect accounts. That includes accounts that don’t exist in their partner’s CRM system.

This will become a necessity when they’re trying to scale revenue through partners and resellers. 

We call these net new accounts Greenfield accounts. This is great information to share with a partner because it’s letting your partner know, there are net new companies that they could be selling to today.

Net New Actionable Accounts

PartnerTap has the most complex and robust matching rules, so we only share the best, ready-to-buy accounts with you and your partners. We know that CRMs are notorious for having dirty data such as duplicate leads, duplicate accounts, test data, and misspelled accounts. This is where PartnerTap’s superior account matching algorithms come into play. By first weeding out the dirty data, we leave you with the best possible matches.

When identifying Greenfield accounts, the last thing we would ever want to do is send you accounts with missing information, or duplicate accounts. That’s not valuable. So we’ve taken a very strict and high-quality approach when defining what constitutes a greenfield account. It has to be a real account with complete account information for an existing customer, or “active prospect.” In addition, the account has to have had opportunities in the past. It will not include accounts with no opportunities and no activity. We’re only flagging the high-quality accounts in your partner’s CRM that don’t exist in your system.

Today, companies are already using tools like InsideView and Rocketreach to build new prospect lists. In reality, most of the data in these systems are out of date or incorrect. Greenfield Reporting with PartnerTap gives you real, up-to-date data directly from your partners. 

Safe and Secure

The behavior of sharing accounts, regardless of matching status, is nothing new. Channel managers and sales reps are sharing spreadsheets of all of their customers with their partners. After all, it is the best way for them to make money together. 

The advantage with PartnerTap is that your company has the ability to choose what the default share settings for their teams are. This is a layer of security that didn’t previously exist with manual account mapping. With PartnerTap you can pick and choose which accounts and opportunities you want to share with your partner.

We provide all the same security controls to our enterprise customers with the option to customize it to your use case. Right from the beginning, your organization can select what can and can’t be shared with partners. That includes excluding specific competitors, specific data points, or removing entire accounts.

You will always have full control of what your managers and reps share with partners.

Final Thoughts

Greenfield reporting is not new to the channel sales industry, but it is new to automated account mapping. The advantage of Greenfield Reporting through PartnerTap is that you have full control over what information is being shared. You can still benefit from new customer accounts, as well as help your partner into net new deals.

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