According to a study by Forbes, on average, sales reps only spend 35% of their time selling. The other 65% is spent on everything else. That is way too much time spent doing other activities! Automated account mapping allows reps to uncover opportunities and get in front of prospects and customers more frequently. Having your sales teams spend more time selling to qualified buyers will drive more revenue for the business. 

Leveraging Account Mapping to Sell More with Partners

The great salespeople inside your organization typically work well with partners. They spend the time figuring out where their partners can help source and influence accounts in their territories.  The rest of the field is gathering partner account lists, but they aren’t spending the time to comb through the data to uncover the accounts that are potentials for sourced and influenced partner deals. Account mapping is critical to finding opportunities and then figuring out the accounts to strategize on with each partner. This is how companies find potential revenue. Sales reps can then co-sell together driving more revenue for both companies.

Since account mapping is a completely manual process, and few salespeople will become excel masters, the client lists they receive from partners are just collecting dust or put on a to-do list that will be done if and when their pipeline dries up. By that time it’s too late. Salespeople must keep a consistent pipeline to perform consistently, quarter after quarter.   

These days it’s critical for sales reps to always know where their partners can help source and influence deals without going through a siloed account mapping exercise. That’s why automated account mapping is such a game-changer for enterprise sales teams.

The Automated Account Mapping Revolution

Digital transformation is revolutionizing the way we work and how companies partner and go to market together. Up until four years ago, account mapping was a secret tool for sales and partner teams, and it was always done by hand. This not only takes hours or days, but opportunities are missed. Because the work takes so much attention to detail and the data never marries perfectly, opportunities are missed and sometimes it leaves teams feeling like it’s not worth it to get a list. 

With PartnerTap’s all-in-one Partner Ecosystem Platform, you can filter out unneeded data and find which accounts to target, but better yet, it gives you a full ecosystem overlap view. Its automated account mapping shows you, with one click, which partner’s customer accounts overlap your organization’s open pipeline. This increases pipeline and drives more sourced and influenced revenue from each one of your partners. Channel managers can use it to find out which rep they need to contact to start working on a sales call. With a built-in chat function, you can direct message a partner rep and schedule a meeting the same day. The best part of all, no more spreadsheets. 

Automated Account Mapping through Your CRM

There are a couple of ways to begin mapping accounts. You can directly link your CRM to PartnerTap and start sharing accounts with your partners, or you can start small and upload individual spreadsheets. Either way, you can analyze the ecosystem view and understand which accounts your teams should be targeting partner ecosystem platform. 

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Partner Ecosystem Platform

Secure partner platform helps channel and sales teams drive more revenue from each partnership

Account Mapping

For everyone that wants to see mutual account overlap with partners

Sharing Controls

Control what data you share on a partner-by-partner basis

Channel Insights

For channel teams to get segment-by-segment insights into partner accounts and opportunities


For sales reps and teams who want to get and share insights with partners on mutual accounts

Ecosystem Analytics

See all the growth opportunities within your partner ecosystem

CRM Integration

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Industry Overview




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