Secrets to Enterprise Sales Success: Working With Partners

Leveraging Partner Ecosystems. Unlocking Value. Unleashing Potential.

Even in the most disrupted economic conditions (Coronavirus Pandemic, anybody?), one axiom remains true: there is always a market for value. Enterprise sales leaders, channel managers, and Chief Revenue Officers are always scrambling to hit aggressive, quarterly revenue goals. 

What are they focusing on?—Leveraging partner ecosystems to unlock value and accelerate growth. 

How do they do this?—Through strategic account-mapping.

 In a market downturn, it’s best to utilize your partner ecosystems. That way you get a sharp, crystal clear view of what’s going on in your key accounts. Therefore, rough markets are critical times when key relationships become indispensable to driving sales. Now is the perfect time to cash in on those partner relationships that you’ve invested precious time cultivating. The best salespeople know, referrals are essential. A great contact can get you a warm introduction to someone ready to buy. 

Building Partnerships During a Pandemic  

Gone are the days of leaving your favorite conference with your hot lead list chock-full of new relationships. This year, most conferences have gone virtual—or have shut down completely; including Dreamforce. It’s a well-known fact that everyone in the Salesforce partner ecosystem regards Dreamforce as the pinnacle of relationship-building conferences each year. As a result of Dreamforce either being virtual or canceled, revenue teams are going to have trouble delivering without that projected pipeline. Clearly, companies that leverage their partner ecosystems will do okay. Companies that have an understanding of the right partners with the right relationships will weather the storm. But what if there was a better way? What if every sales rep in your company could put themselves in front of that top 10 list of contacts? What if, in spite of no face to face conferences, they could reach prospects ready to buy your product—now. 

Unlock Your Hidden Value

The ecosystem brings this value right now. However, quickly gathering the insights is the challenging part. In a shrinking market, it is difficult to sell, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t sell. If you can identify partners that can get you that desperately-needed introduction, you will close deals easily.  That’s why your relationships with key partners are essential now and in the future. “So, how am I supposed to find those partners with leads ready to buy?” The old process of account-mapping is the tried and true method. It’s the best way of identifying what partners will help you reach the perfect customer. The co-sell is king. 

Partner Ecosystem Platform (PEP)

I know what you’re thinking. Account-mapping is a slow and tedious process requiring both partners to share sensitive data. The process can, oftentimes, end up in a wash. At worst no new leads are generated, at best you spend hours finding a few new leads. There is a new way. Welcome to the dawn of the Partner Ecosystem Platform (PEP).

Account-Mapping Made Easy

Four years ago PartnerTap launched its revolutionary software that makes account-mapping fast, accurate, and secure. You don’t have to spend all that time mapping accounts one by one against your CRM data anymore. PartnerTap does all the dirty work of mapping accounts and linking you up with the best possible partners. Its patent-pending algorithms can link you up with your partners who have the hottest prospects with the highest earning potential. That’s not even the best part. You still have full control of what information you share. So, No more hours wasted looking through spreadsheets trying to find a match. We do it for you!

Image of PartnerTap's software. The easiest way to identify hot prospects in your partner ecosystems.


Coronavirus has changed everything. Above all, the way we work, shop, communicate, and sell will forever be different. Consequently, everyone must adapt to the post-pandemic sales landscape. We are already seeing an explosion of software and apps that can map accounts easily. Companies like SAP Concur, for instance, are reaping the benefits of this innovative technology. With account-mapping made easy, it’s no wonder that industry leaders are eager for platforms that map their partners and integrate with all industry-leading CRMs. PartnerTap syncs with Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Hubspot, SAP, Oracle, Close, and SharpSpring. If your partner doesn’t have PartnerTap—no worries. Just have them send over an excel spreadsheet, and you can still map accounts. 

You Are in Control

Fortunately, there is also no need to worry about keeping your data secure. You can control what partners you link with, what data you share, and who can see it.

Closing Deals, Making Quotas, Driving Revenue

As the sales world evolves and changes, it is going to be essential to grow and evolve your ecosystem with it. The quicker you can identify your most profitable relationships within your partner ecosystem, the faster you can close deals. Channel managers and CROs are going to be the most pleased with salespeople who nail their quarterly quotas. Account-mapping with a Partner Ecosystem Platform like PartnerTap is the surest way to accomplish just that. 

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Partner Ecosystem Platform

Secure partner platform helps channel and sales teams drive more revenue from each partnership

Account Mapping

For everyone that wants to see mutual account overlap with partners

Sharing Controls

Control what data you share on a partner-by-partner basis

Channel Insights

For channel teams to get segment-by-segment insights into partner accounts and opportunities


For sales reps and teams who want to get and share insights with partners on mutual accounts

Ecosystem Analytics

See all the growth opportunities within your partner ecosystem

CRM Integration

PartnerTap is pre-integrated with all the popular CRM applications

Industry Overview

Every B2B products and services company works with partners. PartnerTap helps you grow revenue with your partners.

Financial Services

Extend your reach as a trusted adviser and win more corporate clients


Expand your distribution with smarter partnering

HR Tech

Co-sell with the leading HR technology sales teams


Sell more medical products and services with partners


Grow insurance sales with partners

Professional Services

Extend your sales reach with partners


Sell more software with partner insights


Accelerate co-selling with agents, brokers and sales reps


Win more corporate travel business with partners

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Industry Overview




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